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In response to the demand for soil evaluators and a strong desire to continue learning new things, Roxsol was founded by Kyle Baldwin, Geologist, in 2007. Kyle graduated in 1994 from Denison University with a degree in Geology. Kyle’s experiences and continuing education, since graduation, have exposed him to a broad range of topics.

  • • Oil & Gas Well Muddlogging and Prognosis
  • • Oil & Gas industry regulation
  • • Coal and Industrial Mineral industry regulation
  • • Private water supply studies/investigations
  • • Onsite wastewater treatment system site/soil evaluation and design
  • • Topics in formal education include: Geology, Hydrogeology, Physics, Soil Science, Wastewater treatment design.

In association with Joseph R. Steiger, Professional Soil Scientist, Roxsol has conducted approximately 1100 soil evaluations for proposed and existing residential or commercial wastewater treatment facilities. Roxsol also conducts wetland delineations, pond site evaluations for commercial and agricultural projects.

We serve the residents of Central and Southeast Ohio by balancing outstanding service with experience and a strong product. We continue to foster strong relationships with service providers and regulatory agencies throughout the region and look forward to putting those relationships and our knowledge to work for you.


"The RoxSol team was on time, very professional, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend them for your septic system survey."

Curtis T.

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Kristin F.

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